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Snowmobiling Videos

Pushing the limits, Paul Thacker pulls off a world record snowmobile jump. Don't try this at home.
Monster Energy's Paul Thacker World Record Snowmobile Jump - 301 feet:

Did you ever wonder how you learn to double back flip a snowmobile without killing yourself in the process? It turns out they jump into a big shed filled with foam cushions, after sliding the roof aside, of course. Check it out!
Double backflipping a snowmobile is not easy:

They did finally figure it out, or at least close enough to make an attempt at the X Games. I guess it doesn't count if you bounce off the sled on landing, but it's pretty impressive all the same.
Snowmobile Double Backflip (X GAMES 13):

Really, don't try this at home. A guy recently did a flip at a grass snowmobile freestyle event, broke his back and went away in a helicopter.
free style snowmobiles guy crashes at the end doing back flip:

If you like boondocking by treetops on the steep slopes in the deep powder, you've gotta love Bret Rasmussen
Bret Rasmussen with Boondockers RTR Turbo M8 Tree Riding:

And you've really gotta love Chris Burandt, even if all you can see at times is a ski and a helmet churning through the powder.
Chris Burandt Slednecks XI:

Chris Burandt, "...trying to figure out exactly what is possible on a snowmobile."
Slednecks 12 Chris Burandt:

Who can resist a topless blonde on a snowmobile?
Topless Blonde Snowmobile Crash:

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